Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wiping the Floor

If any of you have kids around the age of 1 year, you'll get this...if not, I'm in more trouble than I thought.

Childhood from the years 1 and onward is really my favorite time when if comes to my daughters...its when they start to find their personality (read...they start getting funny). My youngest is at that age right now and I really don't understand her obsession with putting everything on the floor. If its on the kitchen table, it should be on the floor. Hey look, there's a coaster on the nightstand...floor. Oh my gawd, there is a book put away neatly on the shelf...floor. By the time this kid is done, there is no floor....there is only a mine field.

Insanity at its best folks...

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brent said...


16 month old here. Exact opposite. Everything has to be either in the dog's bed or on the coffee table. Everything.