Monday, December 04, 2006

Uncle! Uncle I say!!!

I got EoF last night. There. Now the voices in my head will finally stop.

I started a Fae Illusionist on Venekor and started to play him. Got to about level 5-ish...until my daughter walked in and saw the wings. With The Boo eagerly looking on, we created a Fae...oh, sorry, fairy...a female Wizzard with the biggest pink wings we could get. The Wizzard was one of the first classes I had when EQ2 first came out in, I've forgotten how much fun it is to blast the crap out of stuff. I had so much fun with the wizzy that I leveled her to level 10 last night.

I've taken screen shots of my adventures so far and plan to write something up when I get one or both of my toons up to 20. I think I should have some good impressions of EoF by then. I'll also have more thoughts on the convergence of EQ2 and WoW as well.

Just as a side note to Brenden, Brent and Lauren. I blame you for tempting me back to this game again. Sure, there were other great reviews out there, but I figured it was your turn :) ...I've unleashed the hounds.

D out.


Saylah said...

LOL - Welcome aboard mate! I made my Illusionist on Venekor last night too. Her name is Alysiaa. We need to find each other and do some leveling, then hook-up with the pwnage gang.

When I signed of last nite she was level 9. I'm hoping to hit 10 or so tonite, then double-back for tailoring so I can make some decent armor.

Know anything about the xfers? I see that there is a page for paid transfers but it's disabled. I'd love to just move my Nagafen toon over.

darrenl said...

Hey Lauren...

I have to get my Illusionist up to level. I'll be on tonight as well to catch up. i just had lots of fun with my Wizzy on Guk last night. I'll put you on my friends like and drop you a tell when I see you on.

I think there are transfers. I have no idea why they would be disabled.

brent said...

Welcome aboard! Hope to see you at the next Pwnage Event if not sooner.