Monday, December 04, 2006

Free Ryzom, Mystery beta news, Mystic Worlds

Given the current situation with Nevrax, a group of players wants to make Ryzom's code open source. I love this idea. It does two things really: 1. It saves a really great game from oblivion, 2. Allows the actual community to shape the MMO, which I'm always for. Let's hope they pull this off.

Mystery Beta...been playing it like a mad man. It's driving me crazy that I can't do a beta preview for you guys. I've been taking screen shots and gathering my impressions for when the NDA is lifted or I get permission to put something here on the site. I think people are going to like this game. I've played almost all of the races, except for one, which I refuse to play on principle. I've also played most classes...and like what I see. There is still plenty of improvements and fixes that need to be put in, but it looks like the developers are all over the current issues. Thats all I can really say right now.

There was a special guest on Virgin Worlds podcast #42. Lauren from Mystic Worlds. I've linked her site for easy access. I like her...and I hope to hear more of her views in the future. I particularly noted how similar our stories are in terms of MMO introduction. I too was introduced to MMOs when I got AC2. Before that, I was mostly a played single player games. I must say though, I have some really fond memories of AC2. Good job on the podcast Lauren...I'll just be adding your name to the crowds of people tempting me to pick up EoF :)

D out.

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