Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It starts...

I'm home sick with a cold-ish type bug....suffice to say, we're not getting along very well. I just wanted to comment on this.

I don't like sir I do not. I know there were a lot of rumors last year regarding the port of WoW to a console and while some where saying "yayyy", I was saying "boooo". Consoles are a broad market appeal platform...they always have been. Console gaming has traditionally been more accessible than PC gaming simply due to the plug and play nature of the beast. You plug it in, put in your game and you're playing. PCs are finicky and are known for incompatibility issues....just because you buy a game for a PC, does not mean it will work on your PC.

With MMOs getting into the console space, once again we are appealing to the lowest common denominator. We all know how console ports for PCs turn out...shitty. I just get the feeling that if the MMO industry get a taste of that large console install base, that they'll develop MMOs for consoles only and maybe port them to PCs. In other words, our future MMOs will be watered down pieces of console ported crap. Oh yeah, and you know who are really good at making those kind of MMOs? Eastern animie MMOs for everyone.

D out


Craig said...

The PC gaming market dwarfs the console market in size. I am looking forward to sitting back in my comfy chair and playing AoC on a nice big TV screen.

darrenl said...

I don't know Craig. Have you been to an EB Games lately. Take a look at the shelf space allotment. In my EB Games store, 80% of the shelf space is console gaming...the rest is PC.

Now if you're an MMO developer, which would you pick to get better "face" time given the current generation of consoles? your chair a nice big leather lazy-boy??

Craig said...

Oh I agree, that places like Gamestop have pitiful PC shelves. I used to manage an EB back in the day. I can remember entire walls for just PC or C64 games. What I am saying is that in hardware terms, gaming capable PCs vastly outnumber consoles.

I have a nice cushy recliner right now. My girlfriend wants to get a chair-and-a-half with an ottoman so we can snuggle during movies. =) I'm all for it!