Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ok...I lied. Auto Assualt, Archlord

Yeah...seems I spoke to soon on stuff happening. I noticed a couple of things I want to talk about today.

First...the game I wanted to love: Auto Assault. They've released Update 3...lots of changes on the update list, but nothing that really makes me want to play the game again. I had a chance to play the game a while back...both in beta and a free trial. The game is visually very well done. The one thing that really turned me off was when you got out of your car and went into town. The controls were awkward, the characters weren't believable. I don't know, something just rubbed me the wrong way. Crafting really threw me for a loop mind you. I had no idea what to do and at the time I played there was no real directions on how to use the crafting system. When you're in your car, the game was a lot of fun. You blew up stuff, you crashed into things...yayyy...but it got a bit repetitive after a while. The game felt very much like CoH/CoV on wheels. I like to keep an eye on this this one because it has so much potential.

Archlord is now free. God...who cares...really. Man, I can't express my disdain for Korean MMO ports. My disgust for these games just doesn't come through over the web very well. If you can imagine the worse thing you can do with a cheese grater, duct tape and lighter fluid then thats how I feel about Korean ports. I'll leave it to your imagination. You you know why I can leave it to your imagination...because I know readers out there have one. These game-cloning smack-tard hacks obviously have no such thing.

D out.