Monday, December 18, 2006

Geekin out I've been playing my Mystery Beta (, I hate calling it that...) and I just had what can be call my "hook moment". It's the moment in a game where you think, "this is something I need to play when it comes out...". I had that moment about an hour ago.

It was an encounter with a certain creature, and I just geeked out all over the computer...I'm still cleaning up from the incident.

I've got to calm myself down...I know. This is still a beta and they have yet to launch the game. The developer still has to prove that they can handle this IP, not just at launch, but 2-5 years during the lifetime of this MMO. When I look at MMOs, I think it’s crucial that they start off on a solid footing and then grow from there. If they haven't got a solid base from which to grow, then it will be a long, tough haul to get out of the hole (i.e EQ2, DDO, Auto Assault).

They've got a good baseline from what I see with this beta. How they execute the first year of this MMO will make or break this title...and trust me, we do NOT want them to fail on this one.

D out.

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