Thursday, December 07, 2006

Aion trailer, WoW 2.0, 2006 in review

Don't know why I bother with this one....maybe because I love to hate Asian ports. A new Aion trailer here. This is yet another Asian port that I won't touch with a 10 foot dog. The graphics are very good, no doubt about it, but the character models are I get a console feeling from the combat sequences for some reason. Every humanoid character looks like a 15 year old school girl...even the men. Would it kill these guys to actually make male characters who, I don't know, look like actual men??

WoW 2.0 went live on Tuesday. Don't know why I failed to mention this on Tuesday...meh. Suffice to say, my UI mods are screwed and the Gilneas server seems to be quite hosed since the patch. I had a friend call me last night saying that she couldn't retrieve her character. I plan on staying away from WoW until the dust settles. Oh well, got EoF to keep me busy anyway.

Last, but not least, Brent has started a 2006 MMO review. Looks like he's going to tackle this is 4 parts. First part are the failures for this year. One thing stuck out on his list was DDO. I really don't consider that a failure really. I would have put that in the "wait and see" column. I think that DDO has one of the best implemented dungeon experiences to date in an MMO. Yes, its not a persistent world and its all instanced, but Dungeons and Dragons was a game about instanced dungeons. In that sense, Turbine delivered exactly what they promised: a truthful and accurate D&D experience. Brad did mention how ill suited this IP is for an MMO and I guess thats where the implementation clashed with player expectations. I think a lot of people will be surprised after this title soaks for a couple more years.

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