Wednesday, December 06, 2006

EQ2 becoming WoW...part 2

Well, my article regarding the convergence of EQ2 and WoW has gotten a bit of play on this site. I think it got some of the most hits so far. Other bloggers have taken a look and also added to the discussion....awesome. I haven't got any hate mail or anything from EQ2 fans and I really don't expect any. The EQ2 community is just not like that (don't prove me wrong

All I can say is good....good that we're all talking about it and putting it out there. Again, its not bad if EQ2 borrows game play or entry barrier level aspects from WoW. Let's face it, in terms of getting a new player to play the game, WoW is king of the castle. There is nothing wrong with EQ2 evolving into a better game, I just don' think we need it to evolve into the same game. Sony has made the necessary changes to correct the mess that was EQ2 back in 2004, and that should be applauded. Now, the real test, is what their vision for the future is.

OK...bare with me on this analogy. In 2004, Sony and Blizzard got up to the tee box on the first hole, par 4, 350 yards. Blizzard hit a nice 210 yard drive down the center of the fairway. Sony got up, and duck-hooked the ball off the tee. Blizzard finished out with a par, Sony a double bogey. Second hole, Blizzard again drives it very nice and pars out, Sony still had a bit of a hook but managed to stay on the first cut and recovers with a bogey. Third hole, they both hit it in the same spot on the fair way, both get a par. We're now on the third hole...what will Sony do? Will they again try to match Blizzard shot for shot, or will they start to play differently and try to get those birdies. Maybe fade the ball a bit around the trees. Perhaps, put a bit more spin on the ball to stop it on the green, because we all know Blizzard will always hit the ball far and straight.

The golf analogy really fits nice for MMOs I think, because there are still 15 holes left for Sony and Blizzard to play. Like golf, MMO evolution is very much a strategic and long term process. If you screw up one hole, there is always the next one to improve. One bad hole will not loose the game for you. Now that Sony is on par with Blizzard, its time to start playing the course to their strengths.

D out.

P.S Sorry about ruining this article completely with the golf analogy...I know that my wife is rolling her eyes. But hey, its my party and I'll golf if I want to :)

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