Friday, December 08, 2006

EoF So Far...

So my journey's in EoF have been brief up to now. I had no internet connection on Wednesday, and the beta I'm in had a big update put in yesterday that I wanted to check out.

I now have a level 11 Illusionist on Venekor named Belithu. Here are my impressions so far:
  • I like the new starter zone. I get a good sense of size and scale from it...its absolutely huge. Although, I wish a bit more sunlight would come through as it is a bit on the dark side.
  • In true EQ2 style, the number of quests that are available is staggering. There is always something to do.
  • I'm not traditionally a PvPer, nor do I really understand EQ2s PvP system, but its nice to have that extra sense of danger while you're questing. I'm wondering whether having that extra danger will turn out to be a hindrance to my play experience down the line.
  • The Fae race is very cool. I jump off of stuff whenever I get a chance.
  • The new horse animations are a welcome change. I remember thinking that the old horses looked like the ones Cowboy Barbie would use.
  • I haven't tried the deity system yet, but plan on looking at that tonight maybe.
  • Harvesting is a bit of a pain. I'm finding resource nodes very scarce.
I've got screen shots that I plan on posting soon.

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