Monday, December 04, 2006

I, the undersigned

There is really nothing much happening right least, nothing I want to comment on. So, whilst I gather my thoughts about EoF, here is something for you guys to munch on.

Back in the 80's, the one day I really dreaded in school was report card day. I think we all did back then. We got these things from the teacher which would tell us how inadequate we were...I kid...kinda. One of the rituals was getting the report card signed by your parents. Ohhh boy is that ever fun. The signing of anything like that from school was the bane of most kids school life back in the day.

Welcome to 2006. We got The Boo's report card last night. She did very well....oh and guess what, not only do we have to sign it, so does she. W...T...F! When did this happen? When did we start requiring 6 year olds to sign off on their own report cards? What value does that bring to the table? Yeah yeah...inclusive education process, yadda, yadda....well, blow it out your ear.

Here's how it should go. The kid brings home the report card...parent sees report card...parent congratulates or scowls at child...parent signs report card...child returns report card to school. Child does not sign report card as if to give some kind phony approval to the grading process he/she just received.

World gone mad....that is all.


D Out.

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