Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So close...yet so far

I had about 10 minutes to kill before picking up my daughter yesterday, so I decided to stop by my local EB Games. When I got in there, I noticed a line of parents (mostly mom's...who only show up at EB at this time of year). An EB employee emerged from the back with a stack of Wii boxes. Damn!! I said, "You got some it?!". She said, "Yup, but they're all gone". DOH!! (yes...I actually said, "DOH!"). I must have missed the ticket distribution by 10 minutes. Oddly enough, she did say that she had a PS3s for me to buy...pffft, I think not.

Take away the fact that the wife would have killed me if I had bought one, but thats the first time I've even seen a Wii box and the closest I'll probably be getting to one this year.

D out.

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