Thursday, December 28, 2006

Clueless EB Parents

As was mentioning before that I cashed in my $60 worth of EB games gift cards during the boxing day sales. I bought a copy of Medieval Total War 2...great game by the way. While I was waiting in line, I noticed a lot of parents around with their kids. The man in front of me bought a copy of Diablo II and some other console game. Do to his purchases, he somehow got to get a free PC game of his choice. What did he choose? Auto Assault. His only question about this game was, "This is a PC game, right?". The EB worker said, "uhhh, yeah". The man who bought the copy of Auto Assault didn't even look at the box..had he done so he would have realized that its a MMO which requires a subscription fee of about $15/month. He just was happy that it was a PC game, and off he went.

This is another example of how parents don't read the boxes of games they get. For some reason, it just doesn't register with them. They read how much fat content is in their Cheerios, but they can't be bothered to read the box of a game. I'm looking at the box of EoF for EQ2 right now. On the box it says, "Internet Connection Required. Additional Subscription Fee Required". Now, I don't have an Auto Assault box with me, but I'm 99% sure that it says the same thing. Granted, the EB employee had same responsibility there, but the ultimate buying decision lies with the consumer.

The real kicker is that there was a no return policy for any games bought that day. So, that guy is stuck with a game he has to pay monthly fees for all because he didn't take 2 seconds to read the box. It wouldn't bother me normally, but these are the same types of parents who ask for government to regulate games due to their laziness.

D out.

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