Sunday, December 10, 2006

Getting the hate on, Massive

Gary and Ryan of MOG had a great show in episode 42...and boy did they have a large hate-on for MMO games. If you listen to these guys regularly, you'll understand that they don't really like games like WoW or EQ2...they appreciate them...but they don't like them, at least that’s my impression. They like games like Eve, where the player makes their own destiny and impacts the world around them. I guess they're getting frustrated that the current and future set of MMOs don't have much to offer them on those terms.

Guys, I hear ya, and I agree. There really aren't any MMOs out there right now that step it up above and beyond the amusement park. Honestly, your expectations might be a bit high so you may have to drink the Koolaid like the rest of us. The only games that I can see that may fill the bill is maybe Warhammer Online and Darkfall (there maybe one or two that I'm missing...).

Man, I was finally able to find a copy of Massive. I'm really impressed with the quality of the articles I found. Of particular interest was some of the statistical breakdown that they had regarding the age and sex composition of MMOs. I need to collect more of my thoughts on this and then I'll write something about what I saw in those numbers. I highly recommend this mag to anyone who is even remotely interested in gaming. I usually don't buy gaming magazines due to the fact that the content is questionable and usually out of date. I'm glad to see this is not the case for Massive. Good job guys.

D out.

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