Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm soo negligent

Like every other gamer on this planet, I've been hit by the Oblivion bug, and may never return from its depths of gaming goodness. Wow, what a complete game. But make sure you have a at least an Nvidia 6800 or equivalent in your rig for this beast...cause you'll need it. If you're having trouble getting good graphics settings, go here and here. This posting over at the main Oblivion website sets the .ini file that has made the game as smooth as a babies bottom without making it look bad...actually, it looks fantastic.

I've completely neglected this site as well as other games, and I apologize to my two readers. But, I did warn you all, that I'm more a gamer and less of a writer. Add to that the great weather that we're getting up here...yes, spring has sprung.

I also have so much to talk about on the Common Sense front as well. My daughter got her report card last night...and being in Kindergarten, we don't take it that seriously, because it’s not a real grade. But I was looking at the letter that came with it. Instead of parent/teacher interviews, they now have "student-lead presentations"...WTF!!!?? Apparently, when a teacher wants to talk to you about how you're kid needs to improve, they don't so much talk to you, but get your kid to put on a presentation so that he/she can work on their bullshitting skills and tell you how well they are doing.

I'm sorry, but this is crap. I want to talk to the teacher. I want to know where my kid needs to improve and I want to know where she excels. I don't need the kid giving me power-point slides trying to snow-wash me...I don't even want my kid there when I do discuss his/her progress.

So good job teachers...yet another way for us to sugar coat every facet of life.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Urge to kill.....rising

What a bunch of boobs...


Friday, March 10, 2006

Oblivion and DDO

Well...I preordered it yesterday....Elder Scrolls:Oblivion that is.

That burning sensation that was the EB gift card has now been put out. It should make its way to me by the 21st of March. I'll post my impressions once I have some. Looking on the net, you'd think that this game is the second coming. Hopefully, such high expectations don't ruin the game for some.

So far, DDO has an 88% on Gamerankings.com. This really means nothing right now, since there are only four reviews in at the time of me writing this, however; this game is turning into a hit for most who play it...ummm...correction, a hit for those who play it with the correct expectations.

This game is not a direct port of PnP...if you think it is, then you'll be disappointed. This game is not for WoW fanboyz and power levers...if you are, you'll hate this game. If you're a 13 year old l337 dude, please stay away from my server. If you have a group of 4-5 friends who you like to play games with and they enjoy the DnD ATMOSPHERE (damnit..there's that word again), then you'll love this game.

Right now, I've only seen one of my favorite creatures, the Minotaur, and I tell you, it was a blast to see that thing charge our fighter and knock him on his ass. I can't wait to see my first Beholder.

Sorry for no review yet, but you're getting the idea of what I think of this game. Once I get my head out of the game, I can actually start writing. MMOs are hard to write reviews for due to thier dynamic nature. There are rough edges in this game that need to be fixed, so I might hold off the review until 2 or 3 updates go in. Part of an honest review for an MMO should be how the company providing the MMO moves forward with the game...and its too early to tell how that will go yet.

...more soon.

More on GalCivII

If you ever wanted to get a behind the scenes look at GalCivII, here is a great podcast by the folks at PoweruserTV.

They've made some great company milestones with this game. One of which is surpassing the TOTAL sales of GalCiv I within the first week of GalCivII sales. They're already into the second manufacturing cycle.

Gamerankings for this game are great as well....not sure if I linked that before, but regardless, its worth doing again.

Congrats to everyone at Stardock for a great product.

I know...I know...I've been pushing this game quite a bit and you're probably sick of it by now. Well, I just love it when an independent game company creates gold like this....and no, I don't work for them, though I sometimes wish I did :)


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lots of news

Wow....lots of news coming down the pipe lately. Sorry that I haven't updated lately...I know my whole 2 readers out there are crying uncontrollably due to lack of updates. But I play more than I write...as a result, I'm kind of behind on the news.

First and foremost. Elder Scrolls : Oblivion has gone gold and will be shipping March 20th. I'm listening to Gaming Steve's preview as we speak. He had the opportunity to play it for about 6 hours a couple of weeks ago. This is shaping up to be a must have title. I'm still on the fence on it....not because I won't like it, but because DDO and GalCiv II are taking up most of my time right now. I might get it anyway...I'm such a whore that way. There is also Neverwinter Nights 2 to think about as well...which I will no doubt get.

GalCiv II just got patched to V1.0X. If you haven’t picked up this game and are a 4X strat fan...get this NOW. Excellent game. The ship design is awesome and the game play is very deep. Check it out and support these guys so they can get to work on GalCivIII.

World of Warcraft hit the 6 million mark last week and is getting ready to release the 1.10 patch within the next couple weeks. 1.10 is on the Test Server right now. Since I'm out of the loop now on all things WoW, I can't comment on the changes, but the weather effects that I saw look great.

Oh...and my wife and I got our monthly news letter from the school today. Although these things are usually blogging gold for me, my wife informs me that there is not much there. I plan to read it tonight to see how much they piss me off this time.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The most amazing thing in gaming

You've got to see this to beleive it. The upcoming Wil Wright game called Spore. Gaming Steve put up a video with some gameplay...amazing:


Well well well....

Apparently I'm not the only one that sees the incoming iceberg...


Scroll down and take a look at the continuing saga that is Gabe vs SOE.

He is dead right though (Gabe that is). This game will not do well with SOE at the helm. Everything they touch eventually rots due to bad managements/design decisions.

Even if its good, SOE has a huge rep to overcome...and getting players to believe in the SOE brand again is going to be a very large issue for SOE to tackle.

We shall see...oh yes...we shall see.