Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The wierdest thing....

Almost forgot to mention this.

As I was driving home last night, I heard a news segment about our local food charity here in the Ottawa area. These are the people who collect food for families and individuals who really need it during the holidays. A woman who works there was interviewed and she said that they would rather not take any canned or packaged goods because of, wait for it, the fat content. That's right, she's worried about hungry people getting fat during the Christmas season.

Of course, in her defense, she did mention that they were worried about heart disease and such, but come on. I'm positive that given the choice between turkey with artery hardening gravy and empty stomach, that most hungry people will take the gravy.

..."looking a gift horse in the mouth" comes to mind on this one.

D out


Craig said...

Hey! We are practically neighbors. I live south of you in Upstate NY.

I think I know what mystery beta you are playing. I think I am playing the same one. I was excited at first, but have become disillusioned due to various things like the size of the world being small and classes not very interesting as well as everyone of the same class being pretty much exactly the same with no way of making a unique character.

darrenl said...

Kewl...good to have neighbors to the south :)

Ahhh nuts...looks like you did guess the mystery beta because I read your very concerns on the beta boards. Hey, at least I didn't break NDA :)

Well, we'll have to see how the developer handles your concerns before launch. Actually, I think the devs are aware of that very issue if you look at the roadmap they have. So, I'll withhold my comments until then. Like I said, given the game play baseline which they have now, I'm optimistic.

Craig said...

Well, I didn't like EQ2 when it launched and now I am enjoying it a lot. I think MMOs need time to develop and if the designers keep an open mind and listen to the player base then they can make something good. I doubt I will be checking that mystery game out at launch unless they do some amazing things between now and launch. I am of the mind lately to wait until an MMO has been out for a year or so before trying it.