Friday, April 13, 2007

The Walls have Eyes!!

It's getting insane again and the seven horsemen of the apocalypse are on the move. Why? Simple...SOE hired a VP of Business Development from IGE to to head up Business Development and International Operations. That's it then....I got lots to do before the fit hits the shan.

So far, the only people who have been even close to level headed about this is Cuppy and Brent (who agrees with Cuppy and will say no more). Everyone else seems to be, well...not so much. Now, don't get me wrong, these guys may prove to be right at some point...but right now, I just think that they are over reacting just a tad.

Look, SOE is a business and their job is to make money. David Christiansen has experience in business development and will help the SOE's corporate strategy to make money. Yes, this is an odd move due to IGE's affiliation with RMTs and such....but that's all this is for now, "odd". Saying, "well, hey, this means that SOE is now going to expand station exchange and start making RMT a core business model" is jumping the gun at this point. So no, SOE making this move does not mean that they want to eat your babies, steal your lunch money or give you a wedgie.

OK, so what if these guys are right and SOE does expand RMT and this guy is heading that initiative up. Well, here is the fun with your wallet. Don't buy SOE products. You see, thats the fun of being a customer. You get to decide where your money goes. You get to decide who to support. However, predicting doom, raining frogs, dogs and cats living together etc. , to what is right now, a non-event, just weakens your position and the point you're trying to make.

For me, I'll sit back and see what unfolds. Let's leave the crystal balls packed up for this one and actually comment when something REALLY happens with this story. Wow....that would be a switch, wouldn't it.

D out.

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Bildo said...

I'm right there with ya for PotBS. I read that review you pointed out and just about peed myself (not really) from excitement. I really like the way they seem to have set up the balance system in land combat, and the fact that a single player can own and man a big old warship him or herself.

LotRO already has my attention and I eagerly await the 24th to actually start exploring more with my Champion again (my favorite class).

But Conan actually has my attention too. The building of both PvE cities and PvP cities has me intrigued the most, as well as the combat and class system. It's going to be hard to limit myself to 2 games come this fall. I may end up alternating, since I'll have the lifetime for LotRO.