Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Journey

OK, so Eve continues it's love/hate relationship with me. Man, playing that game reminds me of a girl I dated in high school once. She's very pretty and is a great dancer, but sometimes she'll kick you square in the balls.

I opted to start communicating with my corps again (yes, I've been kinda silent while I figure this game out) and start the journey to area of the game which I haven't experienced yet. The corps officers immediately wanted me on vent and catch me up on things...which was really nice. They answered all of my stupid questions and even gave my sorry/poor ass some cash for supplies for the next month or so.

I did some equipping for the journey and started my first journey in 0.0...and I was very nervous for the trip, despite the corps telling me that the path is all clear. I mapped out the path and off I went, each jump I checked local for anyone who wasn't green or blue to me. With all of the talk about 0.0 that I've heard over the past year, I honestly thought that I'd be blown up after the first jump. Suffice to say that I made all jumps into 0.0 without incident and now I'm ready to experience Eve in a different least, that's what I'm hoping.

Not too sure how much longer I will last in Eve given the MMOs that are coming out. PoTBS is a definite right now, and it's coming out in June I think. Let's face it, Warhammer will be a Q1 2008 release (at the earliest). Conan hasn't pushed any of my buttons at all...yayyy, I can chop off heads and it looks good, but what else? Oh yeah, their magic system is very interesting. Gods and Heroes is a possibility but again, the only thing I see right now are the animations and that ultimately won't sell me long term....and honestly, I'm still suspicious of the minion system. Who knows who will be on top of my play list at the end of's interesting to speculate though. My guess is PoTBS, Eve and LoTR right now.

D out.


Matthew said...

PoTBS is a definate for me too!! I hope I can get invited to the beta but if I don't I will be jonesing untill release date. I just hope they pull it off nicely and nothing glaring is wrong when it is released. This game may be my WoW killer. (yes, i said it.)

darrenl said...

heh...easy on the "Wow killer" proclamations Mat. I don't think we'll even see the "WoW killer" coming until it's right on top of us.

Matthew said...

Let me rephrase that ;)

For myself only, PoTBS might be my WoW killer. Meaning if any upcoming MMO will make me forget WoW, it is highly likely that PoTBS will be it. Not that I will cancel my wow account any time soon but as far as playtime...