Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Day that will never end

This will probably be my only post for the day. I've got a half day meeting plus a "teambuilding" event here at, sucks to be me ;)

Not much coming out of my usual news sources this morning...but lots of bloggers are picking up and commenting on Brad's latest post on Vanguard. No shortage of opinion there. Some are predicting the doom scenario for Vanguard, and some are analyzing the areas that Brad touched on: Performance, Server population, Marketing etc. I liked Ancient Gaming Noob's take on it the best so far. Cuppy went to town on Brad and pulls no punches on how she sees the situation. Note to self: Don't release an unfinished game or Cuppy will kill me ;)

...I still think we should leave the guy alone though ;)

D out.


Cuppycake said...

I don't play around, I'm a forward girl =P Did you read my latest post on SOE/Sigil? Hehehe.

I normally stay out of the VG discussions as best as possible, but I couldn't resist this one.

darrenl said...

Yup, I did Cuppy...and I think I commented there.

You go what you think :)