Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm too sexy for your hobbit

Still having a blast in LoTRO and I thought I'd post up some screenies for ya.

And of course, I asked this guy for a photo op and he said, I'm star struck:

One thing I'm noticing about LoTRO is that the armor looks really, really good. I don't think I've had a combination yet where I look like some sort of fashion retard.

D out


Bildo said...

The heavy armor looks good... but man some of those cloth hats... *shudder*.

I just finished chapter 11 of book 1 for the 1st time today... holy crap what fun those epic quests are. By far the shining point of LotRO for me this far.

Bman said...

LOTRO is just stupid beautiful. I've been screenshotting the crap out of it every time I play. Got a whole bunch more screenshots ready to dump on Brent, though I'm not sure he really wants any more.

Some of the armor gets a little plain since the first 15 levels or so seem to be mostly color changes on the same texture, but I just got into some new leather on my hunter that looks great. Very stylish. Actually, I think it's based on the same texture as in those screens you posted.