Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Still Not Dead yet...

Tobold put up a counter to my blog entry last night and I just wanted to do some clarification here. I put a comment on his sight as well.

Couple of things...I never said what Pardo stated about the was "...not true" as Tobold suggests in his counter. What, in fact I did say was that it either "....jumped out at me", or " bugged me" and finally "...struck me as an odd thing to say." Before that I illustrated, quite sarcastically of course, the reasons being the end game (key words here...end game) grind that most players are encountering with respect to raiding, farming, reputation and crafting. Never said what Pardo stated was "not true".

I then went on to say how much content there is and how my wife is actually running out of levels before that, Bravo to Pardo for keeping her suitably entertained.

Now, take this with a grain of salt please. I'm not "smacking down" on Tobold...far from it, because the stuff he wrote in his counter to my article is perfectly valid regarding WoW. It does have a lot of content (2000 hours? Sure...easily). It is extremely fun to play from 1-70. I think we're both on the same page, we're both just a little burned out on WoW, and we both never expected it to last forever.

Thanks T :)

D out


Tobold said...

The one disadvantage of blogs versus message boards is that it is actually harder to get a dialog or multi-people discussion going between several bloggers. If blogger A and blogger B each post on their blog, it's like hearing only one half of a telephone conversation. But if blogger A posts on blogger B's blog, the readers of blog A totally miss out on the subject.

So no offence meant, and no offence taken, we're just trying our best to comment on the same subject on two blogs at once. With the usual minor mutual misunderstandings.

We've crossed this large game WoW and arrived at a wall. And now the only thing we see is the wall, and not the game that is behind us. That has turned the tone negative in the whole WoW blogosphere, even if lets say for a new player WoW is better than ever before.

darrenl said...

Lol....yeah, it is a bit difficult to have an actual discussion.

Yup, no offense at all dude..just wanted to make sure that I was clear, because maybe I left the same impression with others besides yourself.

I agree about "the wall" and it's an apt description. I don't know, maybe that's part of the reason why LoTRO is appealing at this point? Who knows...

Bildo said...

As "new" as BC was, LotRO feels newer because it's a whole new game with a whole new world (and a mighty great IP) to explore.

WoW's certainly not a bad game, in fact I'd call it, from 1-70, one of my favorites of all time. Why else would I play it for so long?

It was nice meeting up with you in chat last night, Darren. Sorry about my sudden departure. Had to take care of some things. Then when I hopped back on... I had forgotten your name!

darrenl said...

No problem dude...RL first, gaming second.

My character's name is Belmirus.