Friday, April 13, 2007

The Generosity of Players

Well, I was logged into Eve again, and this is how may day went:

Log into vent. Hey, there's a ratting channel, lets go see if I can join them.

"Hey guys. This is my second day in 0.0 and I was wondering if I can join you for some ratting?"

"Not too sure. We're only ratting six belts, so there won't be much to go around for more players right now. But hey, we'll join up with you later with some alts or I'm sure other players can help you out."

"OK, I'll just hang out here and chat with you guys while I figure out what I'll do." chit-chat ensued. GO SENS GO!!!

"What kind of ship do you have Bel?" ..Bel is my usual nickname I go by in most games.

"Oh...a Caracal."


"Yeah, I know. I really suck at Eve right now...hence the reason why I'm in 0.0, to make some cash for upgrades. Empire just wasn't cutting it in terms of cash flow."

"Well...we can fix that up. I have an extra Ferox that I can give you..."


These two corps members then went on getting modules, the ship and giving me a whole bunch of advice about training and ratting and, well, other useful information that I've already forgotten. I was literally beside myself as they handed all of this stuff to me...speechless as it were.

When everything was equipped, I took her out for a spin and it was very nice indeed. I tried to do ratting on my own, but I had to bail out of the fight because I didn't want to scratch the new paint too much.

My second day in 0.0 and my corps mates remind me why I like MMOs so much. I'm keeping names out of this post due to the nature of Eve, so they'll probably never see this....but thanks guys.

D out.

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Kanthalos and Anaktoria said...

I totally know where you are coming from. I have had excellent beginnings to both EverQuest 2 and Saga of Ryzom. Both times within an hour of asking to join a guild, I was a member and they had given me countless crafted items and large sums of money. It always amazes me when I see situations like this... I would understand better if they got to know me first to make sure I deserved it, but to be that helpful the firs time you meet someone just baffles me, and like you said, that's why I play MMO's :)