Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm not Dead Yet!

My gawd!! Who would have thought that PC gaming is not dead. This...this is just shocking. OK, so let's just drop this whole prognosticating of the death of PC gaming. It's not dying. It will never die. It is the main technological driver for gaming, not consoles...end of story. You "PC gaming is dead" people are getting up there with the apocalypse people in terms of credibility...and they're not exactly batting 1000. If I read one more article on this subject, I will personally send the author a box full of angry kittens. You've been warned.

Interesting article with Rob Pardo over on Next Generation. Some great insights on creating what is one of the most popular games in PC history. One small little thing jumped out at me though...and it is small, but it still bugged me.

WoW is as close to a cash-generating machine as you’re likely to find, so it’s easy to imagine pressure being applied to take advantage of this audience. He says the reason why WoW is successful is because it delivers a lot of content; not just a grind; and that content takes time and creative effort to produce.

(bold my emphasis)

Ummm...okay, so I'm going to assume that Rob has played WoW at the end game which usually involves a grind for rep (...to get better gear...), or grinding for gold (...to guy better gear...), or grind for mats (...to make better gear...) or raiding (...to possibly get better gear...). It just struck me as an odd thing to say. He is right though, WoW offers a ton of content. My wife was questing last night in WoW and she was mentioning how she will probably run out of levels before she runs out of quests. She's not looking forward to the end of questing though...she's not the grinding type, so the game is essentially over for her at 70.

D out.

Edit: Check out an addition to this article here.


Bildo said...

That is a bold statement he made, but of course he's not going to admit that their endgame is poorly designed and they have no idea how to "fix it".

The game, from 1-70, is a riot. It's at that end where they go wrong... who knows if anyone will ever get it "right" either.

Cameron said...

I want a boxful of angry kittens... it sounds quite entertaining.

Huzzah for PC gaming not dying! I'm doing my part with a new system, starting this evening, and I'm going to be loving every minute of it. Let the naysayers and doom prophets rant. :P

Tobold said...

My comment on this got so long that I turned it into a post on my blog, with a link to here.