Friday, April 20, 2007

Ahh Crap

I've been tagged...not once, but twice. Damn you Cuppy and Bildo...I will get you eventually.

So, here it is: 5 Reasons that I blog:

1. I needed someplace, please, anyplace to write my thoughts down about MMOs. I've laid low for quite a while...browsing webpages, reading forums (but not posting...dear gawd, never posting). I find that keeping all of these ideas in your head without some kind of outlet was not good for my sanity :)

2. I really don't have any real gamer friends....or none to really talk to about gaming on a regular basis anyway. I'm finding people I would have never really talked to if it hadn't been for this site. I'm finding this whole blogger/podcast community network is starting to form all around me, and I like what I see.

3. Writing down my ideas sharpens and shapes them...especially when someone comments and changes my perspective on an idea (...this happens more than you think...)

4. Networking. You never know what doors will open if you write about what you love.

5. This point comes from me looking back on it from where I am now. It still amazes me that people actually read what I write down. It amazes me that I have readers actually. It amazes me that they take the time to post comments.

No one to tag, as I'm sure everyone has already been hit. Plus....the madness has got to stop somewhere.

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