Friday, April 27, 2007

I say hi, you say low.....

Man...going through that Beatles song and finding a good title for this blog entry is quite challenging. Next time, I'll pick a song with more meat in it.

Of course, this is a follow-up to my entry regarding leaving a game. Sometimes I get comments on these entries that are either very good or add something to the post that I didn't cover...or both. This one was both and had some good points in it, so I wanted to bring it to the front. It was posted by The Ancient Gaming Noob and gives some pointers on what an effective "good bye" post would be. Thanks Wil:

I think you can leave an effective parting message if you work at it. You have to want to send a constructive message. Since most people just want to say, "Screw You (insert company name)!" you rarely see such posts.

First, avoid drama. You are probably best off just saying that you're taking time off from the game. That thwarts all but the most obtuse "can I have your stuff" posters.

Second, detail, with examples, why you've grown tired/frustrated with the game, again without drama or over the top declarations.

Third, mention some good points like what drew you to the game. You were there for a reason, right?

Fourth do not pretend to represent some undocumented group of players. Just because you are upset with the game doesn't mean everybody is. Contradictions to generalizations about the player base exceed responses about who gets your equipment by a large margin.

Finally, do not have any expectations that anything is going to happen ever because of what you wrote. Even if you write something so powerful that it moves the staff to look into your issues, you're unlikely to ever find out.

As for "why" people leave these posts, it is the same reason my wife stomps away and slams the door when we argue and I hold the upper hand. She is mad, she is not getting her way, and she wants to demonstrate that even if it serves no purpose whatsoever.

(I, on the other hand, sulk and get really passive-aggressive... and that happens more because I am usually on the losing side.)

(You also get a comment form when you cancel your EQ2 account. I just saw it yesterday!)

D out.


wilhelm2451 said...

This is why I do not leave comments on blogs very often... they usually expand so much that they turn into posts on my own blog!

This one nearly became a post, but I already have a few posts queued up.

darrenl said...

heh...I hear ya. But don't you dare stop commenting :)