Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Value of a Comment

I get some really great comments from my readers for my articles....and I love all of them. I got a really good comment for my "Get it on like Oprah" article a couple of days ago from Psychochild that I think deserves to be brought to the front:

"Heya. As I said in other places, this was mostly an April Fool's post. Mostly. The post was certain attitudes taken to extremes. This is part of what I think April Fool's Day is all about: saying and doing things that you can't say or do other times, with the hopes that someone gets the point.

The biggest issue most devs have is what I say in my post: people who won't take, "We know that won't work," as an answer. Even if we step through our reasoning, there's always some room for wiggling and haggling and anybody with enough tenacity will always have enough ammunition to continue the fight.

Note that this isn't just an issue with people on forums. I've had to nip quite a few arguments in the bud in my current work. The difference is that as a lead designer and someone who influences who gets paid, I have more control over the argument. But, there's a reason why people like Gordon Walton call the design process, "knifing your babies." Sometimes it really sucks to have to dump your super-cool idea. The main difference between a professional and an amateur game designer is the ability to recognize your ideas with no future and being able to abandon them in the cradle."

...great comment dude. Thanks.

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