Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Getting your Hobbit On

LoTRO launched yesterday and I must say that it was very smooth indeed. Seems like there are lots of people reporting the same kind of thing across the internet tubes. Good compilation of thoughts over at Kill Ten go check it out. So, they're off to a solid start and they've got some good momentum behind let's see what Turbine does with it.

I logged in last night with my Captain and did about 3 or 4 quests and then called it a night. I didn't get to level 16 with that effort, but I was just happy to be progressing again. The town of Bree was just full of people and the whole world looks to be well populated. One bad thing though and this isn't a knock against the game...the chat channels are getting a little bit nutty. I had to turn off /trade, /advice and other channels due to the smack-down and trash talk that was going on. There were a couple of people who said, "hey guys, just send insulting tells to each other...", but these idiots would have none of they proceeded to pollute it for everyone else. Ummm, what the heck is wrong with you guys? Seriously. Anywho...they're turned off and I'm sure they'll stay that way. Ahhh nuts, now I can't get any advice or sell anything :)

D out.


yunk said...

Come stay in the Shire! Get out of Bree with all those Big and Rude Folk. In the Shire no one understands their funny language full of numbers, people help each other, and you will never want for pie.

I left the Shire for Bree for a few minutes last night, and had to come running back due to the cacophony of insults and Black Speech, for that is what it must be, assaulting me.

Sente said...

Maybe it will be come worse on the Euro side also, but so far it has been quite good in OOC, Advice etc in my experience. No trash talk, spamming and other annoying things.