Wednesday, April 04, 2007

OK, I lied...well, kinda

...but not intentionally. I more or less misplaced the memory of me doing this.

Remember when I said that Silent Hunter 4 would be my only single player purchase for 2007. Well, not so much. I completely forgot that I purchased Sins of a Solar Empire. This game is created by Stardock...yes, the same company that brought you Galactic Civ II. I absolutely love this little indie company to death. When I heard that they were making a Homeworld II, meets Gal Civ II meets...and I'll say it...Eve Online (my characterization btw...and no, it's not an MMO but does have that vast space feel that Eve gives you), I had to get it. The big bonus is that pre-order customers get into the beta...yayyy. If you want to know what a beta is like from Stardock, here is a snippet from Brad Wardell's expectations of a beta:

Sins of a Solar Empire Beta 1 Objectives:

The goal of beta 1 is for us to test out the game engine. How well does it run on a wide range of PCs? How is the perfomance? How is compatibility?

There has been much discussion on by players who note that our games usually require few "patches" to fix major bugs. This is why. We release publicly the games during early beta to nail down these issues long before it hits the shelves.

These days, many "beta" programs are little more than late-term demos designed with marketing in mind as well as nailing down final balancing issues. That's not what this beta is for.

There will be at least 3 major beta releases. Possibly 4 depending on how well public feedback is.

There are no NDAs involved. If you don't like what we're doing, tell us. We do not require NDAs precisely because we don't want you to feel any constraints on giving feedback.

Most of you have no doubt played games where you later hear the beta testers didn't think the game was ready for release but they were stuck under NDA. I've never seen an example where the beta testers were wrong.


For a beta, the game is rock solid and a blast to play. It scares me to think what the final product will be like.

D out.

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