Sunday, April 08, 2007

Great PoTBS info! Read it now

I know, I never post on a Sunday...and I'm sure there is something in the heavens that will smite me for it, but I had to give you guys this info.

It has some great stuff on Pirates of the Burning Sea. I was going to get this game anyway, but now I pretty much have too. The way crafting is handled is pure genius and something that I've never encountered before. I love the idea of contested ports...this may be the game that really gets me into PvP. One thing though, I want to be a Pirate, but I also want to be an Officer of the English navy....decisions, decisions.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the read.

D out.

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Aspendawn said...

What a great write-up. I had taken this game off my radar months ago. Their website was a bit vague and I made the assumption it would be some free for all pvp. But this has gotten me interested again.

Was reading some of it out loud to husband, and he commented "Well that sure sounds different. Finally something without elves and dwarves." And he immediately signed up for beta lol. (as did I)

I love the character customization. Still not sure if the game play is up my alley, but I'd be willing to give it a go. Thanks for the great link.