Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gary Responds

Gary of MOG was kind enough to post a response to my "MOG no longer Massive or Online" article. I thought I would bring it up front for everyone.

"Hey Guys...Gary here from MOG here

When I said that I was done with MMO's right now it's more of a frustration with the current market...

We are absolutely going to be trying Conan, POTBS, Tabula, and probably every other MMO that comes out...

We LOVE the genre...it's just in a really boring place right now...consoles are forging on creating some really great experiences while MMO devs are giving us alot of the same over and over again...it's frustrating...

As for your first commenter I am sorry you think that we stopped making sense for giving what was supposed to be a monumental title(D&L)a shot...and at that time Shadowbane went completely free!! Why wouldnt we try it out...we didnt play SB in it's hay day...

Do we have a drink once in awhile...sure

Do we crack some jokes...sure

Do we talk about video games...sure

That is what we do...hopefully we make you chuckle at something and you realize we are talking about video games here...not Global Politics...it should be FUN!"

Glad to hear that they're going to stick it out and try all of these titles. It's going to be an interesting year.

D out.

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