Wednesday, April 04, 2007

OK....time to leave Brad alone

In his third such posting (that I know of anyway), Brad McQuaid gives his thoughts on the current state of Vanguard. OK, so Brad has posted some very honest, and sometime long thoughts and I've read all of them to the letter and I only have one thing to say right now, and its not to Brad, but to the Vanguard community: It'

I think Brad has gone above and beyond the call of duty in explaining why Sigil did what they did. I've gotten over why they had to release early, we all know why they had to do so. We all know the bugs, the quirks and the hundreds of other issues with the game. Now it's time to let Brad and the folks at Sigil realize the potential that Vanguard has. They can't work if they are focused on constantly explaining themselves to, quite franky, ignorant and impatient assha....unitards (damnit...overusing that one too). Please, if only for my sanity, I don't want to see Brad explain himself again in any other forum. It's gotten to the point where he is down on the ground and some are now kicking him. Of course, continue to report bugs and issues to devs and lets help them out. There's no going back to January and there's nothing Brad can do except work on the present and the future of Vanguard. So....what are YOU going to do to help make this game better? Prove me wrong on my impression of the typical MMO player mindset. that I'm purged of that thought, what's my current thoughts of Vanguard. Well, I'm still playing it and I'm still having a good time doing so. I haven't played much LoTR if that gives you any indication of where I stand with Vanguard...but then again, there is a level cap on the LoTR Open Beta, so I really don't have to play it. I'm currently a level 22 Ranger and I'm working on soloing some quests here and there. Trying my best to find a group to go through TK with me (...this reflects back to the low server population comment that Brad mentioned). I realize that I said that I doubt I'd play this past level 20 in my podcast review...but I'm finding myself wanting to play this game more as the weeks go by. My attitude towards this game fluctuates quite a bit, so one thing that remains true from my review is that I'm still on the fence on whether this game will hold me for the long term.

D out.


Kanthalos and Anaktoria said...

I'm going to agree with you. While Brad did make a lot of excuses (that he tried rather poorly to say were at least partially his fault) at least he is showing that he has a human side. Brent at Virgin Worlds has stated that he thinks that people like Brad and Rob and Richard should keep quiet about their games, but I think that it's good that Brad has at least shown his face and made an attempt at an explanation. Brent also said that he should pretend that everything is fine, which I think makes sense but also isn't fair to the players. Time to move on, and hopefully we won't need any more explanations from Brad (whether he continues to give them or not.)

darrenl said...

I actually agree with Brent that a CEO should not be posting as much as Brad. It can have more of an effect than just giving players a warm and fuzzy.

Brent didn't say that they should pretend that everything is fine, rather that someone else should be speaking for him.

Brad is a CEO, not a dev anymore. I don't understand why gamers expect access to CEOs within the industry...we don't see that kind of access anywhere else.