Friday, February 16, 2007

Warhammer Conference Call info

Very interesting Warhammer information over at MMOG nation.

Darren's prediction of the month: Warhammer will be delayed to 2008. Why? They are promising quite a bit and I think that pushing it out to 2008 will be the only way they can do it. I don't know...just a feeling I'm getting.

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Saylah said...

Haven't been watching the details too closely yet. I can't get into it when it's still six months off. So much can change before then. However, I'd be willing to bet they don't hit 2007 either. If they're not ready, they will probably want to steer clear of what Vanguard did so they can be called the 2nd game to release too soon in 2007.

Only problem with early 2008 is that if Blizzard holds true to an expansion a year, another WOW expansion will be hitting the shelves. Not sure they want to go head-to-head with WOW given the history and all the "chicken-n-egg" smack talk involving these two IPs.

Add to that, Blizzard will have the success of this amazing expansion as a notch in their belts, which will leave some players to feel well, a good WOW expac is a sure thing so might decide to defer the WAR purchase until later. Potential for lots of drama and hysterics there. LOL