Friday, February 16, 2007

Dang nabbit!! I've taken my Buda pills and am totally over the "Rules People"....for now. I'm currently developing a spray that will keep them out of MMOs, but a fully working product won't be ready for at least 12 years. It's sort of a mixture of Spam, Butter, and Girl Koodies. I'll keep you all posted.

I'm really hoping that you guys get the picture I posted yesterday. I'll give you the background. My wife came home with some Valentines presents for the girls. For The Boo she got a little bear holding a rose, for The Butt (yes....I call the youngest one "The Butt". Don't ask) she got this furry litte red purse. Now, Elmo is a big deal in our house. The girls absolutely love this guy and more importantly, listening to him doesn't send me into a crazy axe-wielding rampage that say, Barnie would put me in. Aaaanyway...I took one look at that furry little purse and told my wife, "Oh my gawd, they've made Elmo into a purse." Laughter ensued. Its just too bad that they didn't get to Barnie first...guess he runs faster than Elmo. I personally think Barney set Elmo up. The seedy underbelly of muppets is not pretty people.

So I was playing Vanguard last night and I did not have a very pleasant end to my evening. I created a Vulmane Rogue last week and started playing him more this week. I'm actually liking the Rogue in Vanguard. That's really no surprise to me since I usually always settle into a Rogue-like character in MMOs. Nearing the end of my evening, I had a very wierd warp-lag issue. I started being attacked by multiple invisible enemies and I died. Well...not right away. I had no health left but was still running around for about 4 minutes, then I died. I sighed and started running back for my corpse after being kicked from the server. No tombstone was to be found anywhere. I looked around for about 20 minutes...nothing. So I basically lost my quest items, my crafting items and clothing, my diplomacy items and clothing. Thank goodness most of my adventuring stuff was soulbound or I would have been screwed. I was being disconnected from the world server...I started seeing other people's characters at login. Weird stuff all around. I called it a night after about 15 minutes of trying to get back in. This is the one bad thing about corpse runs. If there are any technical issues at the time of death, questionable things start to happen. I for one hope that Sigil gets rid of corpse run soon. They're just a pain in the ass and really add nothing to the game play.

One positive note though. Vanguard is running A LOT better after yesterday's least for me anyway. Grats to Sigil for working so hard on the performance issues. Now, if they can only work on the character models. I know that this is cosmetic, but the lack of fluid motion is really distracting from the experience. Looking like a have a stick shoved up my ass is making me feel awkward... and every time I jump I look like a gay little schoolgirl. I'm supposed to be a ferocious wolf-man, damnit.

D out


Geregor Bedstone said...

Go to an altar and summon your tomb. You problably have a tomb, the problem is that the tomb position isn't showed at your map or have a location marked at your quest log.

And you don't forced to make corpse runs. That is the reason why there is the summon option at the altars.

darrenl said...

Hey Geregor,

Yeah...problem was that the server kicked me just as I lag-warped and died. When I logged back in I was at my respawn point with no option to summon.

Something fishy happened for sure. I think I was just caught in some server cluster-munch.

I raised a bug about we'll see.


Van Hemlock (The 'Smurf') said...

Now ya see, to me, an 'Elmo' is a Mini-Chain-Gun wielding shock assault trooper in blood-red exo-armour, wearing sinister and dehumanising goggles, and a 'Barney' is broadly the same thing, but in purple, shooting terrifying balls of lightning at me, so most of that had me twitching violently.

Planetside has a lot to answer for...