Friday, February 09, 2007

SOE Podcast #12 and more Vanguard.

SOE posdcast #12 is up for your listening pleasure. Although I listen to every SOE podcast, I usually don't mention it here...but I had to for this one. My gawd, its funny as hell. They have some featured podcasters on this episode, including Brent (VirginWorlds), Rot and Val (EQ2Daily), and Yivvits and Mr.Bubble (SWG). I've never really heard Yivvits and Mr.Bubble before...but after listening to their interview, I'll be doing some catching up. Those two had me in work no

There is a great State of the Game article by Ryan Elam, the Director of Technology over at Sigil. Its honest and informal...I like him already. In it, he addresses the reason why there are patching so much, priorities for bug fixes, and client performance issues....all of which are on every Vanguard player's mind right now. These are all issues which come from releasing the product a tad early...they know it and they are addressing it. The fact that they are reflecting these issues back to the community shows me that they are on the ball. Premature release or not, which was a big no-no, I think they are on the right track for success. It's communication like this that makes loyal customers....keep it up guys.

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