Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Six Pack Insanity

The heights to which my 6 year old is bringing the good 'ol game of bowling is truly humbling. Last night I started to play Vanguard while everyone was winding down for the night (more on this later). The Boo was downstairs with my wife playing bowling on the Wii. I was hearing the usual squeals of joy and excitement that come from a child her age...but then I heard, "Daaaaaddy, come here! Come here! You've got to see!". I came downstairs and she was literally beside herself giggling and jumping as I descended down the stairs. So I get down there and my wife just pointed at the TV...6 strikes in a row. My 6 year old was on the 8th frame of the game working on her 7th strike...she just had gotten a 6 pack.WHAT!?

I sat down for the rest of the game. On the 8th and 9th frame she got spares. On the tenth frame she got 3 strikes in a row. A the end of the game, she scored in the 240 range. Just to put this into perspective, my highest score is 211...which I got yesterday. Suffice to say, she was thrilled at her accomplishment.

She has announced that I'm going down hard tonight. No doubt I will. I just hope I can take my defeat with dignity.

D out.

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