Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Getting in on the ground floor

Now, everything being said regarding the state of Vanguard at its release, we have to give kudos to Sigil for continually updating the game. The daily updates, the recent interviews, all show the right level of commitment to the game and its community. Yes, I completely disagree with the decision to ship the should have been given another 4-6 months. It was clearly a funding issue and why Sigil was not given the chance to finish the game...we'll never know.

But now, the game is out. Those of us who had reservations over the launch of the game have a decision to make. Should we get into Vanguard now, or wait 6-8 months? There is much to be said about getting into an MMO early, despite any issues or problems that fall out of launch. EQ2 is a perfect example. Looking back, I really wish I had stuck with the game given the type of game it has become now. EQ2 is just now hitting its stride. With the EoF expansion, it has become the game it really should have been in 2004.

Two things are tempting me to get this game and give it a go:

1) The MOGArmy and TelonCast Podcasts. The MOGArmy guys are very selective on where they game with MMOs. Although the type of MMOs they are ideally looking for will probably never come to be, they have taken to Vanguard...a fact which I find intriguing. TelonCast is the new Vanguard podcast and its very well done. Besides having a talking hand, it's interesting to see Michael's ideas and thoughts about Vanguard evolve from Beta 5 to launch. Listening to all of those podcasts gets me interested in the game a bit more.

2) I would really like to follow up on my Beta review. Regardless of what was reviewed in the beta, it was still just a beta. Given how fast and frequent they've been patching, it would not be completely fair to leave the review at a beta level. So yes, I've got to think about my journalistic integrity....ahem.....

So, maybe in a couple of months I'll pick up Vanguard and give it a try and report back here in the form of a full review. This is really a tentative plan due to my current enjoyment of EQ2. I usually don't have the patience to be a pioneer when an unfinished MMO comes out, but if history tells me anything, it may be worth hanging in there for this game.

...crossroads indeed.

D out.


Anonymous said...

Well, amybe the reason why MOGARmy take VSoH is because...VSoH is a good game?

Ok, that is a herectic thought. Burn any one that think it. You don't need play VSoH for know that it is a bad game because VHoS don't follow the Sacred Canon of WoW.

Better... don't play VSoH... if you play it you can discover it is a good game and you will be a herectic!

Evryone know that if it is not a WoW clone it is not a good game... and that earth is flat...

darrenl said...

First...dude, put a name in, Anonymous is so impersonal :)

But yeah...thats what has made me reconsider really. Ryan and Garry know what they want in an MMO and are extremely assertive in the features that they want to see. I do share quite a bit of their views.

I get the feeling that Gary is a bit more relaxed on what an MMO should be, so I expected him to take to Vanguard. When I here Ryan saying he's enjoying Vanguard, I usually take notice to it.

Your sarcasm aside..flat world and all...I'll be very interested on what they think of the game 2,3 or 4 weeks from now.


Tami "Cuppycake" said...

Check out my review of the game that I posted yesterday.

Anyway, I was in the same boat you are. I already play EQ2 AND WoW and didn't feel the need to purchase VG because I was already enveloped in two other games. Out of a whim I ordered the digital download and patched my beta client up - and I've been downright amazed at the game. I played in beta, I know what the game was. They've made so many drastic changes that the game is actually FUN. So fun that I am able to completely disregard all the bugs there are in the game and concentrate on gameplay.

I recommend you pick it up. Its a refreshing change from EQ2 and as you said - its always good to get into the MMO early =)