Thursday, February 22, 2007

State of the Games I'm not as much feeling sick today as I am hung over from being sick. I'm taking Advil's like they were tic-tacs. Man, that was a nasty bug. I've never slept so much. I think out of yesterday's 24 hours, I must have slept 18 of them.

Anyway, now that I'm a bit more coherent, I wanted to give a little update on where things stand on my playlist. I know, its a light topic, but its about all I can muster mentally for now.


I've installed CoV onto my machine as part of my little experiment of going back to old stomping grounds. I was inspired to do this by Brent, who was thinking of getting into Matrix Online (probably out of drunken bet... /wink). We never seem to talk about CoV/CoH in the blogg-o-sphere/podcast world very much anymore...not sure why that is, so I thought I'd revisit that game just to see how its going.

So far it looks good, however; I'm getting that old "its all about combat" feeling back after only playing about 2-3 hours of it. That, my friends, is very sad. Not too sure how long this experiment will last if this feeling continues. Maybe the sun has set for CoV/CoH as far as I'm concerned. I don't know...after playing LoTR, WoW, EQ2 and Vanguard, this game is really playing shallow to me.

I will try my best to keep going on this one...


I logged into EQ2 today after about a 2 week hiatus due to Vanguard. I'm still wanting to get a max level character in this game. Most of the guild that I'm in hardly logs in there is very little motivation to getting into that game. I'm hoping this will change soon.

Lord of the Rings Online

I kind of promised myself that I would play less of this game while its in beta...but I can't. I pre-ordered it from my local EB store last week, but I'm going to have to cancel that pre-order today I think. They don't have any pre-order boxes...nor have they heard of the pre-order boxes for this title. I don't really trust them to have the pre-order boxes in on time for me to make the Open beta.

SIDENOTE: When did EB Games stop hiring gamers to sell games???

Anyway, I pre-ordered from Fry's today in the hopes of getting my Open beta access and Founder's goodies.

In the Beta, I have a level 12 Burglar...and I think that the Burglar class is what I'll stick with when the game launches.


The game is going ok...I guess. It definitely hasn't grabbed me as much as LoTR has, but there is something there, hence the reason why I keep logging in. The guy I usually play with hasn't been on for a while, so I haven't done that much with the game for the past 2-3 days or so. Still a level 11 Ranger. My goal here is to get to level 20...hopefully by that time I'll have lots to say about the game.

Thats it. Man...did I make any sense in this hang-over stupor of mine :)

D out.


MrrX said...

Glad you're well again. I had that bug, slept constantly, gamed very little until better.

The good news is after I felt OK again I had a two-day burst of energy and got more done than I usually do in a week. :)

Bman said...

I do the same thing with CoH/V all the time. Every few months I'll get the itch to play it again, I'll resubscribe, and in a day or two I've had my fill. It doesn't help that the game gets so grindy as you rise through the levels. (Or that my patience for grind has plummeted over the years.) I really like CoH/V, but just not quite enough to keep my attention for a long stretch.

Vanguard...still has a long way to go. But I see great potential, for good...and for EVIL. I'm kind of surprised they've only had one patch in the last week. I don't know if their goal is to get on a weekly patch schedule, but that seems like a luxury best reserved for once they've whipped the game into shape.

Stormgaard said...

I'm considering picking up CoH in the next month or so just for shits and giggles. At least until Age of Conan comes out.

I tried LotRO, but I'm just not grabbed by it. Apart from the game cinematics crashing my rig (why I don't have a clue) it seemed like it was a lot like WoW - and I'm not quite tired of that game yet.