Monday, February 12, 2007

Mystery Beta no longer a mystery

Take a look.

So now that the NDA been lifted, yes, Lord of the Rings Online has been my mystery beta...and now I can talk about it. I've been taking screen shots like a mad man of while playing this game and gathering my impressions. So, expect a Beta Review in some form or another here by the end of the week.



MrrX said...

Yes, well, I wasn't fooled by the "mystery", I knew exactly which one it had to be :p .

Looking forward to your thoughts.

darrenl said...

Yeah...but I fooled Turbine so thats all that matters :)

Saylah said...

Sweet. I can't wait to see your pictures and hear your thoughts. As much as I have misgivings about Turbine, it's hard to ignore a chance to play LOTR online.

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts as we share some of the same gaming sensabilities.