Friday, February 23, 2007

How do you know if LoTR is NOT for you

These are some good guidelines for those who are on the fence on this one. I've been up to level 20 in this game, so I think these are some good rules to go by to tell if this game is not for you:

1) You've done up to Chapter 11 of the Epic Chapter quests and your reaction is, "meh"
2) You think Admir deserved what he got.
3) You first meet Strider and you think, "He doesn't look like Viggo!"
4) You see Brandywine Bridge and you want to blow it up.
5) You've been to the Prancing Pony and think, "What a gay name for a bar".
6) You think this is just WoW in Middle Earth after level 2.
7) You've seen the Barrow Downs and the only thing that stands out to you is that old sock smell.
8) Your first reaction at character select is, "What?! No Gnomes!!"
9) You've been to the Shire and you can only think about how small the doors were and how cheap the beer is.
10) You think Old Man Willow is is just a grumpy old man and you're sure that the Scooby gang will put a stop to his evil plan soon.

D out.

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Ycros said...

It IS just WoW in Middle Earth. It's practically WoW reskinned. And that makes me sad, very sad. ;_;