Thursday, February 08, 2007

New site to look at

There is a new site everyone should take a look at. Head on over to Cuppytalk...she has a great write-up of Vanguard, post launch which I think is pretty fair and accurate. As I mentioned to her, this review might have been the tipping point for me getting the game and starting a review of my own...which I did yesterday...damnit, I'm such an MMO whore :)

So here's the plan. I've asked a friend to come into Vanguard with me to play once a week to about level 20. Yeah, this will take a while to do...but thats the point given the state Vanguard is in right now. At that point, I may...stress a podcast review on Vanguard with my thoughts, impressions and such. Now, there are already lots of podcasts out there that do great coverage of general MMOs as well as Vanguard so I don't plan on making a regular podcast here. So, I may write up a review or I may do a review your bets.

If anyone wants to join in...not necessarily for the review, but to group up in Vangurad...let me know. My character's name is Belmirus on the Hilsbury server. He's a Ranger. This may or may not be my main going forward, I don't know. I still want to try the Nec, Bard, Druid and Sorcerer.

[Edit: A commenter just brought up a good point...the race of my Ranger character is Threstran Human]

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Geregor Bedstone said...

You need inform the continent you started. Better, your race.

Need time for cross from one continet to other. More time for cross the continent to where you start a race. No bells at Telon for instant teleport from one city to other. Horses are fun and fast, but you need time for cross a continent using a horse.

And races have faction system, old EQ style. A gnome can be killed by the Dark Elves NPC guards. And no one likes orcs and goblins. A city where a player have low faction, KOS guards, no quests and merchants not selling can be a problem.

darrenl said...

Fixed...thanks geregor.

Geregor Bedstone said...

Thestran human?

Nice, I advice to your friends to try halflings or thestran humans. Halflings and humans live at adjacent areas and group together to go to storehouse. Tursh is the crafting city for both races.

Dwarves are near that area too. High elves are a few more distant than the dwarves. Lesser giants, barbarians and vulmane need a good time to get to the humans area.

Races from other continent will get to New Targonor, a good walk to the humans area.

Geregor Bedstone
cleric 12 / armorsmith 14

Tami "Cuppycake" said...

Hey, thanks so much for the link to my blog =)

Anyway, my thoughts on VG is this. If you're going to play it and have a good time right now - its important to remember that its essentially an unfinished game. Your class will be nerfed, buffed, and then nerfed again. They haven't got class balance worked out yet - so hopefully that's okay with you. =)

Personally, I've had a lot of fun in the game so far. Its not really my kind of game as far as the vast amount of grouping needed...I just don't have much time these days. Hopefully I can find progress, as slow as it may be somehow. Hope you have a blast with the game though - it really is a beautiful experience.