Friday, February 23, 2007

Diplomacy Info

I'd like to thank some of my readers for some great info on Diplomacy, specifically Stargrace and Geregor. I'm personally finding hard to find information on the finer points of this game since there are no forums to centralize all of this stuff.

Here is a great website that Geregor has pointed us to. Specifically I found this little Diplomacy nugget in their forums. Direct link here.

Thanks to those at VGTact for getting this together.

Like everything in Vanguard right now, Diplomacy is a work in progress. Both Geregor and Stargrace point to these Diplomacy features we can look forward to (From Geregor's comments):

They will implement to diplomacy next months:
1- the classes after skill 300 (I am not sure how many players are skill 300 now, but I guess that they aren't more than 50...);
2- the merchant system (get money, know the world, trip to all cities at Telon, I advice to buy a fast horse and a ship...);
3- the writs and embassies (partially implemented, some cities have it, you can be an ambassador to other race or a royal officer that deal with the military questions - or any other important city's question - inside your city);
4- open dungeons and quests (implemented? not implemented? no idea, high level diplomacy, no one get there yet to say the story);
5- player city administration (remember the politic class at SWG?).

Good stuff.

D out.

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