Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Revisiting Old Stomping Grounds

So I just went to EB Games for my lunch break and I picked up a copy of CoV, for two reasons: 1) I haven't played CoV since beta and I think it needs another look, 2) I'm really liking what's coming up in Issue #9. Plus, it's a public service thing for you guys...thats right, I make these sacrifices so that you don't have to :)

I use to play CoH quite a bit...actually, it was my stop gap game before WoW. The memories that I had from that game are some of the best experiences I've had to date with an MMO. The thing that turned me off of CoH was that it was only about combat. There was no other sense of character progression besides combat....booooo. Now, with Issue #9 they're introducing a crafting game play element...or an Invention system. You basically collect "loot" from your adventures to create enhancements, costume pieces and other goodies. This intrigues me. So, with Issue 9 on its way its time to take a serious look at CoV/CoH once again.

Who knows, this may be podcast #3 material...but I'll definitely do a write up at the very least.

Oh yeah...and how cool is this:

"...but Darren", you say, "what about Vanguard?" Shush disembodied imaginary voice. I'm moving along in Vanguard. I've hit level 11 with my Ranger...I'm not saying a word beyond that. You'll have to wait until Podcast #2 for my full impressions of the game. I expect to have something out in a couple of weeks.

D out.

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brent said...

Sounds like a full time podcast is in the works.