Monday, February 19, 2007

The Negative Side of LoTR

Brent has put up another excellent show up on Virgin Worlds....with a twist. One that kind of caught me by surprise. He really didn't take to Lord of the Rings Online...something I really thought he would enjoy.

Some of his points against:
  • Avatars are ok.
  • Game kinda feels "clunky".
  • Newbie experience feels empty and novice.
  • Game might not be newbie friendly after the instanced tutorial.
  • UI is from DDO, i.e.not a very good UI. Buttons too small.
  • Character windows are well done.
  • Combat comes down to button mashing. Something isn't bringing combat and special skills together.
  • No strategy in combat.
  • Graphics really didn't grab him. Organic feel, but doesn't know if its for him.
  • Music is good...but it would have been nice to get music from movies.
  • Character animations are awkward.
  • Play/combat experience feels like DDO.
  • Game runs well on his machine.
  • Game has a certain charm to it.
  • Some quests don't have clear instructions.
  • LoTR is where are the EXP is. Would like more EXP for grinding mobs.
  • Land seems kind of barren. Needs more mobs perhaps?
  • Blogs were to positive about this maybe?
  • LoTR is not like WoW.
  • No polish. Fun is absent.
  • If game didn't have an IP of Middle Earth, he wouldn't play it.
Thats a good sample. Brent, let me know if I misrepresented your views at all and I'll edit/delete/add etc.

That's quite a list. Not going to debate any of the above points because I respect Brent's opinions and this is how he really feels about the game. However, I really don't know what to say. I for one, have really taken to the game. I don't know why. Maybe its the IP. Maybe its because I'm sick of WoW...I don't know, but the game really grabbed me for some reason.

Brent did give me an "uh-ohhh" moment for a couple of seconds (...he secretly likes doing this to me...), regarding my reviews on the game. Was I too positive about the game? Looking back, I don't think so because the review is how I honestly feel. I do really think they've got a good solid game here,a nd for me thats important. If anything, its the future, i.e. first expansion, that will make or break this game. I wasn't really that critical of the game because nothing has really hit me that will make me not get this at launch. Graphics are excellent, I like the game play, I like the lore...sold.

Anyway, his view points will represent what others are experiencing with the game. So, its good to take a look at what he says when you try and figure out if this game is for you or not. With the lifting of the NDA, you're going to have the good, bad and ugly spread before for it's decision time.

Thanks Brent.

D out.


Wearfannypacks said...

Brent is always a great source for ideas and "prognostications".

I haven't played the game yet, but I feel like I know I will disagree with him. The only reason I say this is that he seems to hail from a specific player type. That's a good thing. We all fall under that. Since I've listened to his show (since about show #2), I've heard him praise the more immersive and hardcore games.

LOTRO doesn't seem to be his flavor, but I wouldn't let that be a factor.

darrenl said...

I more boggled by the fact that this didn't grab Brent because I really thought he'd like.

I don't think that Brent is a "hardcore" gamer...I don't think he has that much time :) I don't assume to speak for him, but if a game is fun to him, he's there. LoTR just isn't there for him yet I guess.