Monday, February 05, 2007

My kingdom for more arrows

First, I'd like to congratulate Lauren over at Mystic Worlds for her first podcast. It's a lot of work to do something like this on your free time. Go take a listen. Keep it up Lauren.

Second, yes, I do plan on doing a Part II for "The role of da lewt". Just need to get my thoughts organized regarding the other two MMOs that I want to touch on, EQ2 and Eve. Lets face it, the last one concentrated almost exclusively on WoW. Some of you have left some great comments on this article, each of which has got me thinking...thanks.

I hit Crushbone on the weekend with my Ranger and got him to level 28...and ohh my word what a good time was had by all. One downside of being a Ranger though...arrows. I went through sooo many arrows. I currently have a 12 slot quiver with each slot holding 99 arrows. Thats around 1200 arrows. I went through them all about half way through our adventure. I had to borrow another 12 stacks from our tank... and I think I ran out of those about 30 minutes before we called it a night. From the looks of it, SOE will be addressing this issue in GU32. Perfect.

The only other gripe I have with the Ranger is the arrow really needs to be worked on. Actually, now that I think of it, all animations that involve ranged attacks need to be worked on because they all seem to suffer from the same thing....but I'll just talk about arrows. First of all, the graphic for the arrow is too big for the bow...they just don't look right together. I think if they reduced the arrow's size by about 3/4, then it would be perfect. Second, and most important is the flight path of the arrow. The flightpath kinda reminds me of those plastic bow and arrow sets you get as a know, you have to aim really high in order to hit the target thats 8 feet away. I don't gravity stronger in the EQ2 world?? If you've ever fired a bow before, the trajectory is an arch but not to the exaggerated extent that you see it in EQ2. If they made the trajectory a bit more horizontal and reduced the arrow size, these changes would make shooting an arrow a bit more realistic. It would at least stop me from giggling every time I shoot an arrow.

Having a great time in EQ2, and to answer your question, I have no idea when I'll get back into WoW...soon though. I guess I'm just waiting for everyone to settle down a bit before I go back in there again. The general maturity of the EQ2 crowd is what I need at this here I will stay :)

One final thought of this post. There is some excellent coverage so far of the SOE summit that happened this past weekend. One of my favorites is this one. Its my favorite because a) its funny as hell, b) the guy meets two interesting people on the plane: Brent from Virgin Worlds and Kendricke from Warcry (who happens to also be my guild leader on Guk). I'm very excited to hear more coverage of this event.

D out.

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