Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WoWHammer Online...NOT!! Get it!? of my WoW kick for just a minute and lets move on to Warhammer Online.

Warcry has a nice interview with Assistant Producer Josh Drescher. Yes, the interviewer did ask about the similarities between WoW and Warhammer, a highly original question indeed, but more on that later.

A couple of points that I wanted to bring forward regarding this interview. First one is this:

WarCry Network:: A problem people have with most MMOs, including WoW, is that high end content often, despite their best efforts, requires huge time commitments. What are you doing to ensure players can experience epic content without wasting an epic amount of time?

Josh Drescher: First of all, you don't restrict the epic content to the highest end of the game. Players should feel like they're part of the war from the moment they first enter the world.

Second, you make success in the end-game reliant on how players everywhere else in the game are doing. Your actions and efforts from day one will have an impact on players in the highest levels of the game.

Third, you present an end-game experience that isn't overwhelmingly difficult to get to, but that requires a lot of effort and skill to master AND that is fun to take on repeatedly. Most players in WAR will have no problem getting to the highest tier of content in the game, taking part in city capture and defense and so forth. But that final tier of content is enormous in scale and complexity. The battlefront will be moving constantly, your homeland can come under siege at any time, your city can be burned to the ground.

I really hope that they're not just pulling my chain. One of WoW major disadvantages is the end game, at least it was in the "old world"...I can't say anything about how it will be with BC, but I for one will not be raiding a MC, or BWL type of instance 300 times just for 8 pieces of amour. What Warhammer has to do is keep the time to reward ratio constant through the whole gaming experience. Even if you do have to do a couple of dungeons over again, please make it compelling to do so. I'm here to play, not to work.

What would a Warhammer interview be like without the "Hey, some are saying this is just like WoW...blah blah blah" question. Please...for the love of baby Buda...stop. They've answered it time, and time, and time again. You know, it usually takes a dog about three whacks on the nose in order to get something through its thick little skull. Come on guys, be smarter than a dog. I'm sure the guys at Mythic are going to take a battle axe to the next "journalist" who asks them that question. Lets log their answer, take them for their word, move on and then nail them if they lied to us. Suffice to say, this game is shaping up to be one of The titles of 2007 (if it makes 2007). Just its implementation of RvR alone will be a great reason for those who find WoW lacking in certain areas.

Moving on, they also gave us some info on a coming open beta later this year. I suspect they are going to go the route of Fileplanet or Massive Magazine for open beta keep an eye out for that.

Back to my WoW kick. You're going to laugh at this one. So, I was talking to a very good friend of mine yesterday during work. He plays EQ2 almost exclusively...and rightly so, its a great game. He convinced me to move over to his server to join him, which I did. I created a Fae Ranger. We arranged to meet in EQ2 around 7:30pm EST last night. At about 7pm, I logged into WoW to level up my character and finish a quest that I was half way through...BIG mistake. One quest turned into two which turned into an instance run. 30 minutes turned into 3 hours. DOH! It's got its hooks in me....somebody get me an old priest and a young priest.

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