Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just call me "Woody"

Before I get into the meaning of my blog title up there...and yes, I am drunk when I come up with these :) ...there is a review of Vanguard over at Gamespy that you should take a look at. A couple of predictable issues came up in the review: 1) player models, 2) performance. Although, the author of the review does seem to indicate that performance is improving as pre-order customers move out of the newbie areas. In a weird twist, Gamespy has not given Vanguard a score...bravo. Finally, a review site that understands the futility of giving MMOs review scores a day or so after launch. To be fair to Vanguard, I wouldn't give them a score until their first expansion. We'll see how long Gamespy lasts in this uncharacteristic venture.

So, I decided on my profession for my Fae Ranger: Woodworker, hence the blog title (I know what some of you were thinking...sickos). To tell you the truth, I am having more fun making furniture, maple boxes and chairs than any other profession I've taken up in MMOs to date. I hit level 17 without even blinking, and not once did I think "Ohhhh God....please kill me". I would level, get a new set of recipes and then go decorate my house with the new stuff I made. I have shelves, cabinets, a new bed, tables and chairs. How gay is that? I'm a fairy and I'm decorating my house....and its faaaabuloussss. If I'm not adventuring tonight, I'm plan to get to level 20 and make some more stuff. I'm definitely going to be making a crap load of boxes to sell on the market...start making me some money.

Again, the mystery of why I'm playing EQ2 instead of WoW eludes me. I mentioned this to my wife last night, and she says that it looks like I'm just tired of the loot stuff...and maybe she's right. There are people left and right, in guild and out, linking new loot constantly. I'm glad everyone is getting new stuff...jeese, we all know how long its been...buuuut, it's getting to the point were I just can't stand being in that kind of environment. Its kinda like having a good friend or neighbour getting a new TV one week, then a new car, then a new stereo, and each time he comes over to your door to show it to you personally. It gets old after a while. You like the guy and all, but at some point, you just stop answering the door when the guy drops by. I'm in EQ2 right now with a very supportive and friendly guild. I'm not getting loot links every 30 seconds and the main reason I'm there is because of the adventure of it all. I'll be back to WoW, no doubt about it...but I think I'll wait until that neighbour moves out before I do.

D out.

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