Sunday, January 21, 2007

The End of Raiding?

Well...lets get real, but its a catchy title.

So myself and my guild are progressing through BC and what do you think is the #1 topic on guild chat? Come on...guess, I'll wait right here. WRONG! It's not boobs. It's loot you perverted little buggers :) . It seems that every 4-5 lines in guild chat is someone linking a new green or blue item for everyone to look at. Ohhhhhh...shiny. Now, this is not the real news, because we all knew that there would be new loot for everyone to get. The news is that these guys are raiders with epic gear...replacing that stuff with greens and blues....within 2-3 days of BC release...(...crickets....).

The core raiding group in my guild must have collectively spent months in MC, BWL, ZG, AQ20, AQ40 and pvp just to get that stuff, and now its all irrelevant. It kinda calls into question the value of raiding...don't you think? This idea has been bounced around the community and what I'm writing now is not ground breaking stuff here...but to actually see it play out really makes it hit home. I'm equipped with epics as well, not "the best" epics, but almost everything that matters to me is purple. I'm having a really hard time absorbing the fact that we really have started all over again. As Lauren suggested, the big 'ol reset button has been pushed, but no one told me there would be an electric shock involved.

I'm really wondering what I'll be thinking at level 70. Will I want to spend the time and effort raiding knowing that Blizzard could do this again? I probably will hit the end game, but I think this whole knew reality will make me think twice about spending that much time to get a new carrot for my toon.

D out.

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Van Hemlock said...

Gosh...if these people weren't the sort of people who actually enjoyed raiding for it's own sake, they must be feeling quite silly about now...