Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Try, Try again

I logged back into EQ2 last I said, I'm continually trying to make that game click for me simply because I want to. I did hit level 49 with my Swashy and got an adventure level out of it, so yay for me.

I think I know what the problem is with me and EQ2, its the fact that I really don't have a regular group in that game anymore. Most of the guys that I play MMOs with are having lots of fun in WoW, and I don't plan on really getting back to WoW until BC. I am in a very good guild. They are well organized and probably one of the older ones on the server that I play on. However, being an "older guild", they have a lot of level 70's so most of the members are in the raiding part of the game right now. So, I'm on my own watching guild chat stream by with stuff I really don't understand just yet. I think I've got three choices when it comes to EQ2: 1) cancel my account and move on, 2) level like a bastard to 70 so that I can raid with the rest of my guild, 3) find another guild or group of players to adventure with. If I really want to stick to EQ2, I think #3 is the best option. Of course, this whole EQ2 question of mine won't really matter in a couple of weeks anyway.

Oh, and before I sign off, I want to direct your attention to The Escapist. There is a Curt Schilling interview in there that everyone who is interested in MMOs will want to read. Of particular note was this little tidbit from Curt (bold added by me):

"You have to make a game that appeals across the market, across platforms, that has a low barrier of entry, that people will want to play."

"Low barrier of entry" seems to be the new buzzword for the industry now. It basically means that we need to make our game play as easy as WoW does to new players. He gets the current MMO picture, which is good to hear....unlike some developers we won't mention. "Across platforms" is also interesting because it implies that this game will be coming out on either the 360 or PS3 as well as the PC. Read the rest of the interview. No real details regarding the planned game, but lots a great insight into what angle they'll be taking.

D out.

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