Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Wizard of EQ2

When I started in EQ2 I started an Elf Wizard on the Guk server (named Beldarion if any of you want to say hi). Well, I've started playing him again and am having a very good time doing it. I just forget how to play a wizard. I'm usually use to sticking the pointy thing in the bad guy...its hard to suppress that instinct sometimes.

I've been back playing EQ2 for about a week now...nothing too heavy, maybe 2 hour sessions at a time. My other toon is a level 48 Swashy and I noticed something about my now 26 Wiz that just made my jaw drop. I hit harder with a 26 Wiz than my 48 Swashy. Last night, I hit a blue con mob for 1180 damage with my main fireball nuking spell. I have never seen a number like that, ever, with any of my Swashy hits. I think the highest I've seen him hit for is around 800. I must be doing something incredibly wrong with my Swashy, or incredibly right with my Wizard.

I have about 12 quests to finish up in TS before I head back to BB and start hitting the new content. Its really nice to be in TS though...kinda nostalgic for the 'ol place. As I was questing in TS, a group asked me to join them in RoV, which was a lot of fun...got 2 levels out of that run, plus a quest or two completed. I sometimes forget how fun this game is in a group and it makes me miss the 'ol gang who have moved on to other games....oh well. The Wiz is a level 19 Scholar, so I'd like to get him up to 20 tonight so that I can actually start using the stuff I'm farming out of TS and BB.

I think I'll be sticking around EQ2 for the next couple of weeks. I don't plan on logging into WoW anytime near the BC launch...it'll just be too crazy, and I'm just not in the mood. I'm using my wife as a guinea pig for this one. If she can log in and it's not nuts in there, then I'll get on sooner than I thought.

D out.

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Van Hemlock said...

Doesn't sound like you're doing much wrong - us Swashbucklers don't hit very hard, but we hit very often, whereas the Big Wizard 'Bolt Of Omega' probably has a relatively long cast-time/cooldown, and is interuptable.

Probably averages out over the fight. I wish the tool-tips for the hotkeys had a 'Rating' value, like the weapons, to show this more clearly.