Sunday, January 21, 2007

WoW BC Screenies

Well...I've hit level 61 with my Rogue and I've been having a blast so far doing it. Of course, there are people in my guild who are already level 66-67 and some in others who have already hit 70.

So far, the most memorable instance has been the Blood Furnace. There is a set of stairs in that zone that is just jaw dropping. Here are some screenshots of my adventures so far. Blizzard's art direction has changed a bit, you can see it in the instances. They seem to be going for more a more epic and grand feeling to the dungeons now. The instances are not long (1-2 hours), not boring or tedious to do. I'm starting to have a glimmer of hope for the end game at level 70+...please, please, please let it be true that the ridiculous grinding is gone.

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Saylah said...

I'm just now starting to read everyone's BC posts. I'm so jealous I could scream. What a rotten time to get stuck on a business trip!

Looks like fun. Sounds like fun. I want to cry.