Sunday, January 28, 2007

To the beat of a different drumer

...or something like that.

You know what...I really haven't been playing that much WoW this past week. Most of my gaming time has been spent in the Mystery Beta or in EQ2. In EQ2, I got my Ranger up to level 18...just high enough to start grouping with the majority of the guild that I joined last week.

I think I know why I didn't log into WoW...I just can't keep up with everyone else. A lot of the people I group with are now level 67 or 68 and I'm still just 62.6. So they've moved on from most of the content that I need to hit. I think it's also a form of leveling protest on my part. I personally think the WoW community, not all...but most, are leveling waaay to fast. With some exceptions, the main goal of BC is to get to 70...thats it. No smelling the roses or just experiencing the game...its 70 or bust. Not playing and going into EQ2 or the Mystery Beta is my way of "sticking it to the man" there you go "man", you have been stuck.

D out.

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